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Crowler of Beer, Cider or Mead


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These big boys each hold 32 or 25.4 oz. of delicious NY Farm Beer, Cider, or Mead. Please note our beers are unpasteurized — if you’re planning on saving them for later, please store in the refrigerator. Get your fill! For a full description of our beers and guest taps, go here.

*Minimum $38 total for free delivery orders, please.

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Boys In The Better Land Dry Irish Stout (32 oz), C3MS (25.4oz), Charlotte the PSB (25.4oz), Cherry Chocolate Milk Stout, Cran-Tastic Sour (32oz), Dangerous Meeting NEIPA, Doc's Bourbon Cherry Cider (25.4oz), Duncan's Abbey Coffee Sour (25.4 oz), Duncan's Abbey Oud Brune (32oz), Fly Swatter Pale Ale (32oz), Keeper and the Kill (32oz), Klaash Kolsch (32 oz), Penning's Bone Dry Hard Cider (25.4 oz), Pennings Across the Pond (32oz), Royal Meadery's Final Bounty Mead (25.4 oz), Stone Love Harvest Ale (25.4 oz), Track #2 DIPA (25.4 oz), Killer Cream Ale (32oz), Sing Sing Kilsner (32oz), Singularity (32oz), Too Many Matts (25.4oz), Doc's Sour Cherry Cider (32oz), Pennings Iron Mountain Cider (32oz), Royal Meadery Harvest Bounty Mead (32oz), Charlotte the ESB (32oz)