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Our Sustainability Promise

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We want our beer to make a positive impact on our customers, not a negative one on our planet. Actions matter. We’re proud to do our part in working towards a healthier planet, and with every sip of our NY Farm Beer you support an entire methodology of sustainability.

Without clean air, land, and water – quality craft beer would cease to exist.  Our passion for environmental conservation predates our love of craft beer.  That’s why we built sustainable practices into every aspect of our brewery and taproom right from the very start.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

As a NY Farm Brewery (see full standards) our license specifies that we source a percentage of our Malt and Hops from within New York State. We have exceeded the minimum requirements in every batch brewed, with most styles achieving 100%.

Locally Sourced Energy

We specifically chose an electric brewhouse in order to create a product using renewable energy. We source 100% of the electricity for the brewery, as well as the taproom, from renewable resources within NYS.

Locally Sourced Equipment

That’s right…we took it to the next level by sourcing our brewhouse and cellaring vessels from right here in New York. Who does that?!?

Water Conservation

Beer is mostly water, and it takes a lot of it to make a batch. According to a recent Brewer’s Association study, water consumption in beer production ranges from a best-case 3:1 ratio to worst-case 10:1 ratio. Most breweries fall somewhere in between. We take pride in being outliers with our water conservation practices allowing us to exceed the best possible scenario.

These conservation methods transcend our brewing operations and are incorporated into every aspect or our taproom, including the water saving dual-function flush valve in our bathrooms.

Energy Efficiencies

  • Thermal Fluid instead of steam in our brewing operations improves efficiency. It takes a lot of energy to convert water into steam, in order to then heat the wort to make beer. Heating the thermal fluid to run through our jacketed vessels saves an entire step of energy loss.
  • LED lighting and Energy Star appliances are used throughout.
  • Spent grains not taken for animal feed or used by FIT Grad students to make textiles (that happened) are composted.
  • All single use items in our taproom are compostable.
  • We are the only Ossining business to commercially compost.
  • Zero Waste policy implemented for all taproom and SSKB sponsored events.
  • Dyson Air Blade equipped bathroom sinks eliminate single-use paper products.
  • GOSP Award Recipient (Green Ossining Sustainable Partnership)
  • Green Energy Certificate Gold Award Recipient (Marathon Energy)
  • Eco-Friendly cleaning products used exclusively.
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