Who We Are

At Sing Sing Kill Brewery, we utilize the freshest local NY ingredients to craft beer that is representative of our area, our diversity, our commitment to sustainability, and to be a catalyst for our local economy by providing a gathering space to enjoy our offerings that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

Filling crowler from the tap at SSKB

It’s as though Sing Sing Kill Brewery was simply meant to be! Hear the backstories of cofounders Eric and Matt, what they were up to before creating the brewery, and what sparked the drive behind making Sing Sing Kill Brewery a reality in Ossining. We’re so glad Victoria and Lisa decided to reconnect, and that they were all at that fated rehearsal dinner on Peaks Island, Maine…

We want our beer to make a positive impact on our customers, not a negative one on our planet. Actions matter. We’re proud to do our part in working towards a healthier planet, and with every sip of our NY Farm Beer you support an entire methodology of sustainability.

The mission of Sing Sing Kill Brewery is to be a catalyst for Ossining’s local economy, and provide a gathering space that is welcoming to all members of our diverse community.