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General Brewing Process

The dictionary describes brewing from the Middle English derivation: to make beer by soaking, boiling, and fermentation. Our Brewer Matt says it’s the fun part!

Mill and Dough

We take our locally sourced grains and run them through our roller mill, getting the perfect balance of crush to husk ratio. The crushed grains are added to a premeasured volume of water at a set temperature in the process called doughing in. This awakens the enzymes and causes the natural enzymes in the malt to break down starches, converting them to fermentable sugars.

Rinse and Boil

We then rinse all these delicious fermentable sugars off the grain and send the sugary wort (unfermented beer) to the boil kettle. The boil kettle, as its name implies, is where the “brewing” of the brew occurs. It takes about an hour and a half for the wort to come to the boil. Once it comes to the boil we add the NY state hops and all the other good stuff that starts making the wort taste like what we think of as beer. We will boil this wort for anywhere from 20 minutes to a number of hours based on the type of beer being produced.

Ferment and …. Wait

Once we turn the boil kettle off we send the wort through our heat exchanger and into our fermenters. When the wort reaches the perfect temperature for the yeast to do their magic we inoculate the wort with the Yeast. Yeast is the star player of all this. The brewer makes the sweet sugar water and the yeast eats the fermentable sugar which makes CO2 and alcohol. The beer will ferment for anywhere from a week up to a few months. The average beer being ready in about two weeks.

Carbonate and Package

After fermentation is complete we will send the beer to our brite tank. This is where carbonation is finished. We have a carbstone in each brite tank that bubbles a small curtain of CO2 through the beer under pressure. This looks very similar to an airstone in a home fish tank. Once the beer is fully carbonated it’s ready to serve. We then package our beers and they are ready to brighten anyone’s day!

Our Vendors


Chimney Bluffs Hoppery

Pederson’s Hop Farms

Pennings Farms

The Hop Brothers

NY Hop Guild


Hudson Valley Malt

New York Craft Malt

1886 Malt House Rest in Power 2020

Malt Transportation

Schooner Apollonia sailboat on the Hudson River – delivering malt from Hudson Valley Malt from Germantown, NY to Ossining.

Hot Dog Suppliers

50/50 Beef/Pork: Sunset View Farm, Oneonta, NY

Tofu Not Dogs: SoyBoy, Rochester, NY

Sauerkraut (original, mustard relish, hot): Picklelicious, Teaneck, NJ

SSKB Craft Beer 4 Pack, 4 Beer Glasses

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