Our Beers: Handcrafted on Premises

Made on premises, we offer a wide range of styles sure to please any craft beer drinker’s discerning palette. We are proud to also offer guest taps of NY Farm craft beverages, including cider from Doc’s Draft and Pennings Farm, mead from The Royal Meadery, as well as a rotating selection from our friends just down the road at Duncan’s Abbey.

House Beers

House Beers

Cream AleKiller Cream AleABV 4.9%

What’s more NY than a classic Cream Ale? Ours is made with 100% Pale Malt from NY Craft Malt in Germanytown NY & NY Cascade Hops. It’s light & refreshing with just the hint of hops. All Killer no Filler. From grain to glass goes down easy the way our brewing forefathers intended. Taste the NY history in each sip.

Pale AleSingularityABV 5.5%

A Single Malt and Single Hop cascade SMaSH. With 36 ibu and 5.5% ABV, it’s a throwback to West Coast IPAs of old before the haze craze. We used 2 Row barley from upstate NY and Cascade hops from our friends at  Chimney Bluffs Hoppery to make this a citrusy, piney crusher that’s not too bitter.

Extra-special BitterCharlotte the ESBABV 5.9%

This amber hued beauty is our take on a traditional English Style Extra Special Bitter. She is malt forward with a firm hop presence that doesn’t overpower. We used 100% NY grains from Hudson Valley Malt & hops from Chimney Bluffs hoppery. Charlotte will teach you more than you can know. 

SourTart Sour CherryABV 4.5%

We used tart cherries from Long Island & 100% hops and grain from NY, making this sour ale incredibly delicious and drinkable. 
Soured in our brew kettle using a yogurt culture, homemade by our own design guru, Lisa Chang.  It’s light sour and super session-able.

SaisonCervesia LaetiporusABV 6.2%

Every once in a while when the weather is just right the wild mushrooms explode in the Hudson Valley. We are lucky enough to again partner with Matt K, a local forager, who helped brew and name this farmhouse saison. The locally foraged Chicken of the Woods mushrooms lend it that beautiful, light orange color, & a subtle earthy, savory character. This is balanced by the Hudson Valley grown, floor-malted Pilsner malt. Hand crafted by Dennis and our friends at Hudson Valley Malt, that was then sail freight shipped to us by Captain Sam and his crew on the Schooner Apollonia. Super limited, super seasonal and super local… You have to try this beer!


We cold conditioned this Kolsch at near freezing temperatures to make it crisp & amazingly drinkable. Brewed exclusively with heirloom Vojvodina hops originally from the former Yugoslavia, now grown by our friends at Chimney Bluffs hoppery in Wolcott, NY. They lend this beer its light cedar, tobacco and spice flavor. 

Double IPAToo Many MattsABV 9.2%

This 100% NY DIPA is made with Chinook, Nugget &
Cascade hops for an assertive citrus, piney-spicy hop bitterness balanced by malty sweetness. 71, Blades, the Brewer, Boonedog, Browne, K, N, M other M, the neighbor, too many… Matts it’d be impossible to name them all. Everybody knows (and loves) a Matt, or a couple three.

STOUTBoys In The Better LandABV 4.5%

This dry Irish stout is a sessionable 4.5% ABV and will have you dreaming of that far away coast, where there are a hundred thousand welcomes. Brewed with 100% NY ingredients it’s our humble take on a style of beer that is known the world over.  It’s dark, roasty, and slightly tart, with a creamy nitro head. So make your best toast and see what’s the craic. Sláinte! 

PilsnerSing Sing KilsnerABV 5.2%

The return of the classic Sing Sing Kilsner. This true pilsner brewed with 100% NY grains malted by Hudson Valley Malt and sail freight shipped to us by Schooner Apollonia paired with Vojvodina hops from Hop Goddess and Chimney Bluffs hoppery.


Beers with Names That Are Now Poetry is a newly crafted table beer that is only 3.5% ABV. This Buckwheat table beer was brewed to go great with any dish. It’s slightly tart and citrusy with a crisp, clean finish. It’s one that you can really session.

All of our beers and guest tap options are available to-go in crowler cans. We also serve light food, Saranac sodas, canned NY wines, and Distilled Spirits from a variety of producers in the Hudson Valley.

Guest Taps: NYS Craft Brews, Cider & Mead

Guest Taps

Guest Taps

Doc's Draft Cherry CiderABV 7%

Doc’s Sour Cherry Cider is a unique, hand-crafted sour cherry hard cider, made from pressed NY state apples and fresh sour cherries.

Pennings CiderABV 6.1%

Produced from six heirloom variety apples; Baldwin, Rhode Island Greening, Gold Rush, Stayman Winesap, Northern Spy, Granny Smith. Citrus and lemon juice flavors. Sharp and a little tart with a lot of minerality. 

Royal Meadery Final BountyABV 7%

Mead with apples, ginger, black currants, and cinnamon. Tart, earthy taste from the black currants and spice from the ginger.

Duncan's Abbey Haverstraw Bay SourABV 7.0%

A full-bodied sour ale fermented with Tarrytown Wild Yeast.

NY State Farm Wine



Bridge Lane Red Blend

Bridge Lane Chardonnay

Bridge Lane White Merlot

Bridge Lane Rosé

Bridge Lane Sauvignon Blanc

Distilled Spirits: From a Variety of Hudson Valley Producers

We have a rotating selection of a variety of NY State Spirits produced in the Hudson Valley. Some of our regular providers are listed below. Please ask your server what is available in the taproom today.



LIV Vodka

cooper’s daughter buhdda’s hand citron vodka

cooper’s daughter black currant liquor

van brunt stillhouse american whiskey

van brunt stillhouse smoked corn whiskey

van brunt stillhouse white rye whiskey

black dirt bourbon

black dirt rye

warwick gin

hillrock solera bourbon

coppersea green malt whiskey

NA: Other Drinks



Blessed Brew Kombucha

BOYLAN Handcrafted Sodas


We Got Food

We offer light snacks & nibbles, and also encourage people to order in from one of our lovely local restaurants, or bring your own!



Hot Dogs

  • 100% Beef, Applegate (Organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised)
  • 50/50 Beef/Pork, Locally sourced from Hemlock Hill Farm or Sunset View Farm
  • Tofu Not Dog, SoyBoy (Vegan)
  • ADD: Sauerkraut: Regular, Spicy, or Relish Kraut; Vegan Chili

First Village Pretzels

Fresh Soft Pretzels baked daily at Ossining’s own, First Village Bakery.

Papa's Best Batch Nuts

All natural nuts smoked in the Hudson Valley

Roasted Garlic Pistachios

Chipotle Lime Pistachios

Dill Pickle Pistachios

Asian Smoked Almonds

3oz and 8oz bags

Hal's Potato Chips

Original Sea Salt

Sea Salt and Pepper

Sea Salt and Vinegar

Sweet Chili